About Us

Dr. Danny L. Morris, Sr.

Dan celebrates fifty-five years of pastoral services.  He understands the dynamics of the smaller churches as well as the larger churches and shares a passion for the pastors and lay leaders of our churches.  He has an experienced record with church planting and church revitalization and acknowledges that one of the major foundations of the church is leadership and a connection in an authentic relationship with Christ and one another.  Nehemiah Today connects pastors and laity with the healing and transforming power of Christ and fellow workers.  He states, "Healthy pastors and healthy lay church leaders are blessed by our Lord to produce healthy churches as the body of Christ."

Dan is the lead director and connector for pastors and laity through the Nehemiah Today Ministry.  The ministry assists the pastors and church leaders in churches under stress.  In addition, it mentors, equips, and provides enrichment opportunities for pastors and laity as a proactive service. 

The goal is to advance the church as the body of Christ in these challenging times of American culture. It measures success by the testimonies of pastors and laity who have moved to a fresh new level in service to the King as a result of the Nehemiah Today Ministry. The high point of that success is when the pastors and laity lead a church through a crises enabling it to have long period of health and advancement.

He shares, "We adopt pastors and laity until they get through their crises or move to the next level with our Lord Jesus Christ."

Dan joins the numbers of pastors and laity volunteers encouraging the workers of God in their journey today fulfilling the Biblical passion of Jesus Christ as Lord.