Purpose & Goal of Nehemiah Today Prayer Ministry

One of the main purposes for our prayer gathering with Nehemiah Today is to Biblically  build, renew, and restore the church as the body of Christ. This can only happen through the power of God.  We want to connect with our Lord Jesus Christ and one another and surrender ourselves to Him,

Terry White, author of "City-Wide Prayer Movements - One church, Many Congregations" shares a similar a purpose for his book that is similar to our main purpose:

"To promote a fervent pursuit of God that attracts His favor and results in loving unity."

"A revival of the Body of Christ across denominational, ethnic, and cultural lines."

"Out of the unity and frequent worshipful prayer will emerge God breathed strategies that minister His grace and mercy to the city”. We believe also the region and nation."

Our Lord said, "Continue to be faithful and committed to Me and in all you do for the kingdom. Cry out to me and I will answer your prayers."


Let us pray.  Pray in your prayer time, your prayer room at home or office, pray with family, pray with friends,  pray with us, join us at one of the prayer gatherings.